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    Default BX1500 Pricing - experience

    Thanks for reading my post, I am a newcomer here and also a newcomer to the compact/subcompact tractor market.

    I am in the market for a BX1500 (I think for my 1.1 mowing acres and bladework/tilling/light plowing needs an 1800/2200 would be overkill. 15hp diesel with 4wd and diff lock should be more than enough to get 'er done.) and am curious as to whether or not my local dealer is giving me a bad/ok/good price. What kind of pricing have you been shot on BX1500 and implements?

    BX1500 Tractor: $6900
    48" Mid Mount Mower: $1390
    38" Tiller: $1750
    4' Rear Blade: $440

    Total is $10,480.

    What do you guys think? Good price? Bad? Or is he just quoting me MSRP? BTW, he quoted me the same price for both the 54" and the 48" mowers. The price for the tractor and the mid-mount seem high to me. Just for those two, the price is $8290. My gut tells me the price is $500 too much. $7500-$7600 seems more like it. Is that way out of the question or is it feasible if I shop around enough?

    The tiller and blade are both Bush Hog brand. The dealer feels that they are more robust than the kubota brands. Either that or they are making more markup on the Bush Hog. I understand these guys gotta stay in business but at the same time, I got a new wife, new baby and a new house sitting on a little over an acre of wheatfield.

    I think if he could do $9500 for the lot I would sign up. What do you folks think?



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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    I like my 1500, do a search as this has been discussed before. I reccommend that you look at the 54" mower and compare it to the 48". I got the 54", it rolls out on its own wheels and is much heavier deck. in heavy grass it still has plenty of power. If cash is an issue, buy the tractor & mower the shop for used attachments.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    Welcome aboard!

    Although I can't give you comparisons on the BX1500, I can tell you the quote I got on the BX2200 3 weeks ago from my local dealer in Grands Rapids.

    BX2200 Tractor - $9999.00
    Loader - $2300.00
    Mower 60" - $1500.00
    Total - $13799.00 MSRP

    Package sell price - $12,700.00

    They also sell Land Pride products and the price on the tiller (42" I believe) was $1475.

    Hope this helps give you an idea.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    i don't think your price the BX and the MMM is way out of line. I don't have any experience with that particular model, but I believe the list price is around $8000 for the tractor. Usually on the Kubotas, if you can get a tractor and MMM for close to the MSRP for the tractor yo are doing well [img]/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    Kevin I will probably go with the 54" deck. I forgot to mention that the dealer said his price for the 54" deck was the same price as the 48". He said his BX1500's come with the 54" and it would cost them extra to bring in a 48". So, fwiw, you can take that mmm I listed above for $1390 and replace it with the 54" version.

    Consider this the actual quote the dealer gave me:

    BX1500: $6900
    54" deck: $1390 (or 48" for same price)
    38" tiller: $1750
    Rear blade: $440



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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    I got another quote from a dealer not too far off from here. I could drive there, get the tractor and equipment and drive back in a day. The apples-to-apples quote is $500 less than the dealer here. The local guy advertises that he will not be undersold in a local paper so I am going to give him the chance to match their price. If he will do that, we will go ahead and get the BX from him. I hope he does, I like these folks. They have been in business a long time and I feel would do us right on service after the sale.


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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    Hmmmm.......$500 difference ?
    Even if he didn't match it, I'd get it from him, if you like him that much. The sale is one thing, service later means all the difference in the world. Of course that's my opinion.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    I have to agree with the Inspector, for $500.00 I would stay with the trusted dealer. If he will match price then so much the better. You will be glad you stayed local if there is any problems.

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    Default Re: BX1500 Pricing - experience

    Well I ended up going with the local dealer. He matched the price of the other place and then some! He upgraded the blade in the quote to a 5' for the price of the 4' and sold the 54"MMM for the price of the 48". I am very impressed with these folks and my wife is impressed with my money saving abilities [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Here are the numbers:

    BX1500: $6550
    54"MMM: $1300
    kubota 37" Tiller: $1690
    Bush Hog 35 series 5' blade: $440

    Total: $9980.

    Woot [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] Delivery will take place the week I get back from vacation. For now, it is off to the New Mexico mountains!


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