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    Default Looking at buying a L2900

    I'm looking at buying a L2900 tomorrow. It's has around 2600 hours. Is this too much for these tractors? He says there are no mechanical issues. Paint is faded and seat is cracked. Also comes with a 72" 3 point turf mower. He's asking $6000. Is this a decent price for the hours? Year is around a 96. Anything specific to look out for when I check it out? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Looking at buying a L2900

    Is there a loader on it? Hydrostatic or Gear Trans?

    If it has no loader, in my opinion, price seems about average. Maybe a bit high but I say that because of the amount of hours. That is some serious hours, I would wonder how well it was maintained and look into that as much as I could.
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    Default Re: Looking at buying a L2900

    I'm with Lee, that's a lot of hours for a compact.

    Also I'm less a fan of the L2900. Its a L frame tractor, but on the low end of power for that size machine. You'll need more power to move it around than say a B size machine, and at that point you've got less power left at the PTO than say a B2920.

    The price seems inline with the hours, assuming the condition is a good as you say.

    Other things to look at would be hoses on any of the hydraulics. If the paint is faded, then it was stored outside, in the sun, and that can do a number on rubber components.

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    Don't sound to far out of line. Back in 90's we had a l3300 which was about 3 more pto but neighbor had l2900 and you would have a hard time telling the power. I believe ours had 3,000+ when we sold it and guy that bought it is still using it.
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