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    Quote Originally Posted by timswi

    You are absolutely correct...I necessarily wouldn't call the abrupt stop a defect, just something that may be unpleasant until one gets used to it, I have no experience with this as my BX23 is fine after 8 years of trouble free ownership..If this is viewed by the market with some kind of distain, it would work to the OP's price advantage athough I've only seen a handful of people address this here and many of the other owners of the mentioned BX said they didn't see any issues...Matter of perspective I guess.

    My RTV abrupt stops by design..My BX23 is fairly smooth although I have never backed up in H and dumped the pedal...Not sure why that would be necessary or safe anyway even without the abrupt stop.
    The backup issue is front the old bx22 days..yes it is a poor design
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    Default Re: 2008 Kubota BX23

    Quote Originally Posted by sw03 View Post
    The backup issue is from the old bx22 days..yes it is a poor design

    Then way was it only an issue with the 50 series??
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