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    Default Re: BX25 Snow Removal?

    I have been using the FEL on my kubota 2910 for snow removal. It seems like I spend almost 50% of my time in backing up. This summer I purchased a 72" back blade (FEL is 60"). My theory is that I can use the BB in the forawrd position (slightly angled) to clean up the windrows left from the FEL or I can use it backwards so every time I back up, I can drop the blade and be more productive. We'll see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsm555

    When you suggested the rear blade, did you intend for the tractor to be driven over the snow and then pushed aside by the rear blade, or were you suggesting that the tractor be driven backward INTO the snow?
    Drive forward with the blade facing forward and angled to one side or the other. It works fine for small snow storms ( 3 - 4 inches).
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    Default Re: BX25 Snow Removal?

    Reading your questions and responses I'm learning about the whys and the hows to move snow; these are much appreciated. I just bought a SX3100 Yanmar with a FEL, front mounted snow blower and a rear blade. Like so many of you I just don't have room to put snow in large quantities because of the trees and banks. I have approximately 600 feet of drive, part asphalt on a steep drive and the rest winding gravel drive. I also just purchased a polyethylene bar which will be mounted on the rear blade (1.5" thick/7" tall and 5 feet long), so I won't scrape up my asphalt and will use for light snowfalls and cleaning the asphalt surface. Having used the rear blade for scraping and clearing and the discomfort of turning backwards, I can now appreciate more having purchased the more expensive option of the front mounted blower. Much easier on the neck and back for the larger jobs. Let it snow!

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    I am clearing my driveway with my dad bx2350. Front mount blower and a back blade and a home made cab for the winter. I have a 600 feet driveway. We have a lot of snow here. For light snow i just drive over th snow with the tractor and let the back blade clear my path. Some time when there is over 4-5 inches I build a bank in the middle of the driveway with the plow, and then 1 pass with the blower and it s all gone. The plow make it a lot faster, but when we get over 6 inches, the blower is the way to go, and iget a lot of drift. But a frount mount blower is awesome compare to a rear 3 pt one. But it is a lot more expensive too and your loosing the fel for the snow season.

    So it all depend on the size of you driveway , the amount of snow your getting and your budget. For the price of a front mount blower i would bet you can get a decent use 3 pt nlower and a plow for the fel.
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    Default Re: BX25 Snow Removal?

    Thing is there has been stories here on TBN when people try to use a backblade or a boxblade and push dirt backwards, sometimes they bend the 3pt lift arms. With snow- its lighter then dirt so going backwards is not much of a problem. To answer your questions - it all depends -- if the snowfall is fluffy stuff, less then the height of of the back blade, you can just angle it to windrow the snow and drive forward clearing path. If it the wet stuff- it depends - will you get stuck going forward due to amount of snow under the tires? just driving over wet snow packs it into ice like conditions. This is where chains are helpful- but if you dont have any.. your only choice is to push snow backwards carefully as it could bend the lift arms just like dirt. All it takes is to catch onto a rock or a bump in the driveway to bend those arms and its over before you know it. Some people swing backblade backwards so the curve part is in towards tractor when going backwards so it will glide over bumps better. it wont clear as well due to no cutting action but will do the job.

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