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    Default Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    I thought I'd convey my experience purchasing my machine through Barlow's. For those that may not know, Barlow's is in Kentucky. I am in Colorado. I recently purchased my 2nd machine from Barlow's since 2008. I've been dealing with Brady, since he handles all the internet sales, though I have spoken with his dad, Steve once or twice over the years.

    My first purchase was my B3030 in early 2008. The price was the best I could find, and pretty much blew away the local dealers. I am a strong believer in supporting local businesses, and do so whenever possible, except when it feels like they really couldn't care less if they earned my business or not, quote full msrp, and have a poor reputation regarding sales and after-the-sale service, which unfortunately seems to be the norm with some of the local tractor dealers. One of them has since gone out of business. Both had a less than stellar service dept reputation, so in cases like that, I will show no loyalty whatsoever.

    Being that I had been on TBN since I purchased an SCUT in 2004, I had heard of Barlow's and decided I should get a price from them when I was ready to purchase a kubota. I was shocked at how much less expensive they were than any of the local dealers.

    So, in 2008, I took a chance and bought my B3030 from Barlow's. The entire transaction went very smoothly. The machine was as promised, and over the years, I logged 370 trouble free hours. I did have a backhoe swing lock pin break at the weld early on, and Brady immediately sent a new one out under warranty. Don't think I ever used that pin again. I also had Barlow's parts dept ship various parts out to me over the years, and again, every transaction was easy, and anyone I ever spoke with at Barlow's was always helpful.

    I've had the cab bug for a couple years now, after the beating I've taken over the years during our winter storms on my open-station machines. I've mulled over simply purchasing an aftermarket cab for my B3030, or possibly custom building one. Recently, I stumbled upon a dealer on TractorHouse that had a VERY good price on a new B3000. That got me REALLY thinking, and I began looking into finding someone to ship the tractor out to me. On a whim, I decided to call Brady to get a price, figuring he wouldn't be able to beat the price I got. I was wrong.

    So, I thought that I'd try to get my B3030 sold, and if it sold, I'd buy the new machine, and if it didn't sell, then it wasn't meant to be. I started getting calls, but no one was ready to pull the trigger. I began thinking this whole thing wasn't going to happen. During one of my email exchanges with Brady, I told him it wasn't looking like I was going to get mine sold anytime soon. He said he wanted a day or 2 to think about a trade-in value. I figured no matter what he came back with, there was no way he would end up being anywhere near what I had decided I needed out of mine to make the deal happen. To my surprise, he came back with a trade offer WAY higher than I was expecting, and so close to my asking price on an outright sale, that I just had to make the deal.

    As was the case in 2008, this deal also went quickly, smoothly, and with absolutely no brain damage. Once we agreed on the deal, Brady went to work on getting the machine all set up and scheduling a delivery. He sent the tractor out when he said he would, on a Barlow's trailer driven by Marvin, who is a Barlow employee. Marvin got the tractor to me 3 hours before he originally thought he would, and was very professional with the delivery and loading up of my B3030 trade-in.

    I highly recommend Barlow's to anyone considering purchasing a Kubota if you aren't all that thrilled with your local dealer. I'm not concerned with the local dealer not wanting to handle warranty service. They make money on that, and the service dept is separate enough from the sales dept that they want all the service work they can get. The more they get, the more money they make. They actually go after service work on machines that were purchased at other local dealers. Fortunately, I never needed to bring my B3030 in for any warranty work, and hope my new B3000 will be the same.

    Thanks to Barlow's for 2 very pleasant purchasing experiences.
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    Kubotas from Barlow's

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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    What he said!

    I just purchased my kubota B3200 from Barlow's and Marvin delivered it today. In my wildest imagination I never would have thought the purchasing a tractor would be so easy. Brady was outstanding to work with. He stayed in contact with me from my first email until Marvin loaded the tractor on the truck. Then Marvin called me several times to update me on delivery. You can't go wrong buying from them.

    I don't know if I'll ever move up to a bigger tractor, but I do know that if I am going to buy another one it will be from Barlow's.

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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    Me also, Brady and Barlow's have been Great to me, fair price on new and fair price on your trade. Trade in price is where local dealers try to cut you out, but not Barlow's they are more then fair. I have purchased many different attachments from them and I'm in up-state N.Y.Always a pleasure dealing with them, class act!
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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    I have to agree with all of the above posts. I've bought a few from Barlows. They have always given me a fair price for my trades and a fair price on my purchases. They usually take a little longer on deliveries for me because Marvin is all over the country and I have to wait on Steve to deliver them when he closes for the day.
    They have a fine bunch of mechanics that have done the final assembly on my purchases and I feel confident that they will be able to fix mine if any of them ever tear up. Have had to get a few items under warranty over the years and never an issue.
    Currently in the process of trading a F2680e 60" rear discharge deck with 115 hours to a new F3080 72" deck . If you want a F2680e, now is the time to contact them to schedule a pre Christmas delivery.
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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    Agreed, no hassles. Worked with Steve. Basically here's the price, what attachments would you like and do you have any questions. NO B.S. Great price and great people. One satisfied Barlows customer and GL3540 owner.

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    Bought my b3030 from them great people and great service

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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    I tell anyone who will listen to do themselves a favor and call for a quote. Even if you don't buy from Barlows it's still worth the call.
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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    I have bought 2 from Barlows and dealt with Brady with the same great experience as others here have stated. If your thinking call Brady.

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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    I am another that will agree with everything stated above. I would love to have bought local to support the dealerships, but I tried three different local dealerships that pretty much gave me msrp price and that was it. The dealership I bought my ZD323 from, I had stopped in a few times telling them what I was interested in. They told me they would email me a quote. I had to email back a week later to remind them about the quote, and then when I got it it was missing most of what I wanted. Things like SS quick attach, BH and pallet forks. It is just not kubota though, as I went to a big JD local dealer and sat down with a salesman a couple of times. I received back one phone call, but I still do not have a quote to this day. Some of it may have to be the area of the country you are in, because I can say the dealers in WNY, where I lived until 3 yrs ago, were alot better than here in north Texas.

    Sorry for the rant, but just have to say that Barlow's will always be my first choice for tractor purchasing and thanks Brady for the great experience. Will be doing it again sometime down the road.

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    Default Re: Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment

    Another plug for Barlows here. I wanted a +/-40 hp open cap DT tractor with FEL. I also was in the market for a rotary cutter. I looked in ernest for a year and couldn't find anything in my price range locally that didn't a). Have over 1,000 hours, b). Spent most of its life out in the elements or c). Show obvious signs of neglect / poor maintenance.

    I had read several posts on various forums about Barlows so one day I checked out their website. They had several used tractors in their inventory. I called and talked to Brady about several of them over a period of several weeks. Then one day he called me and said that he had a tractor I might be interested in. It was an L3940 DT with a kubota front end loader, a canopy and work lights. It also came with a Land Pride rotary cutter. Both were less than a year old and had only 18 hours hours on them.

    Long story short - Brady saved me almost $8,000 off the best local new price that i could find on that machine / cutter combo. Both the transaction and delivery was smooth and easy. Boy was I excited when Marvin rolled in with my rig. It was exactly as Brady had described it - the closest thing to a new tractor that you will ever see. The tires even had all those little rubber molding threads sticking out and the little ribbed outline around the tread blocks!

    I have used it for 'hogging, plowing gardens and light FEL work this summer putting 70 trouble free hours on it. I have since called Brady a few times with questions and for advice. Each time he has taken time to answer my questions and give me rock solid good advice. I have nothing but praise for Barlow Equipment and Brady Barlow himself and can recommend them without reservation.

    I am attempting to attach a couple of pictures - not really sure how to do it with an iPad - lol! Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment-image-jpg Purchase experience with Barlow Equipment-image-jpg
    8 Acres, Kubota L3940DT, Land Pride 1872 Rotary Cutter, Long Wish List...

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