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    Kubota L45

    Default Used Kubota L45

    I need some help valuing a tractor. I am trying to help out a friend of mine. Her husband passed away and left her with a kubota L45 she would like to sell.

    Its ~3 years old and has ~200 hours. Pretty much 100% standard, but it has a few options:
    1. Quick change backhoe bucket
    2. Work lights
    3. Soft pads on stailizers

    Condition is about average for 200 hours, stored outside.

    Any thoughts on the value?


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    Default Re: Used Kubota L45

    Google it. Like "kubota L45 for sale".

    There will be lots of results for used tractor sales sites that you can explore. The sites can even sort the tractors by zip code to get an idea of what is being sold in your area.

    The options listed aren't going to change the value very much.
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    Default Re: Used Kubota L45

    I would say about $34-35K but there are several options that command higher $. If it has the Hyd. Thumb it also has a quick change BH bucket, and this might add $1K to the value. Also the front Hyd ports were options too that add up.

    Stored outside tho can fade the paint but if it hasnt been too roughly used it should clean up fine. If she has the bill of sale and if the maintenance has been done thats another good sign.

    For comparison go on the kubota web site and price a new one with same options, and you will get sticker shock - I would bet they are $45-47K range new.

    Good Luck
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    Default Re: Used Kubota L45

    Another thing that may help is call your local dealer and ask for an appoximate value.

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    Default Re: Used Kubota L45

    If you were to put the kubota L-45 in a search you would find what others are selling for that might match up close to yours. I'd say to drop 10% off as that seems to be the magic number for a discount that everyone wants. We do buy them just as other dealers do which would be quick and easy to sell it although the price will be lower then if you found a private sale for it.

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