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    Default L3750 w/ 1000hrs - good or bad?

    I'm going to look at a couple of L3750's. I'm needing a tractor for "woodland management" mainly. The "guy" said they are 4WD, HST.

    The specs from Tractor Data indicate they will meet my anticipated needs (lift a ton w/ the 3pt) but I have not found anything that says HST. It's got enough HP, fairly new tires.

    Reading a few threads here, it sounds like a good machine, even given the hours.

    Tractorhouse has 1 for sale at $5.5K.

    So what's the TBN opinion of an aging 3750?

    Also - how did the hour meter record? Actual time on or based on RPM vs PTO speed?

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    The L3750's were not HST's they were hydraulic shuttle shift machines. I would not be afraid of a 3750 with 1000 hrs at all. That 5 cyl engine is awesome.


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    Default Re: L3750 w/ 1000hrs - good or bad?

    We bought a L3750 about 13 years ago and it's been a **** of a tractor. Much larger than the model number indicates! 3900 lbs and 45hp 5cyl engine. Our has over 3000 hours and is a 1984 model, still going strong! My only complaint is it had no grease fittings at the front axle pivot, but it does now. We had to rebuild the front axle from too many years of FEL work without proper ballast on the 3 pt hitch. The tractor is heavy enough to do the loader work without the weight, but the front axle takes a beating. Like Brian said, it's a hydro shuttle and works great, better than HST in my opinion. Great tractors!
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    Default Re: L3750 w/ 1000hrs - good or bad?

    I've had a L4350 for the last 15 years. Nearly 2000 hours and still works well. Those series are built tough and quite powerful. Like others have said, it's likely a hydraulic shuttle. Works nicely for loader work.

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    Default Re: L3750 w/ 1000hrs - good or bad?

    newbury did you buy a tractor yet

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    Default Re: L3750 w/ 1000hrs - good or bad?

    Newbury, I don't think there are any Lxx50 tractors with HST. An L3750 could have either mechanical shuttle or the optional hydraulic. The hour meter is a mechanical odometer like most tractors - at the engine set for 540 pto rpm, it advances 1 hour per hour. A L3750 with only 1000 actual hours would be a real find. Unfortunately the flex shaft to the hour meter usually breaks after 700-1000 hours operation and many are not replaced for quite a while. The original tires (likely Bridgestone or Goodyear) would last decent at least 1800 hours +/-. If the tires are not original, the hours may not be either. Hope this is useful. Take care, Dick B
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