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    Default Re: good deal...grand l3940

    Quote Originally Posted by pierrem View Post
    Is that true?....I lived in Wi for a lot of years and you would get a burning permit and have it at...I understand no burning in NY
    Here is the law for your interpretation: Part 215: Open Fires - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

    I have been told by enforcement officers (off the record of course) that if ever questioned about a fire that the response should be "It's a ceremonial fire."

    I don't do anything that is going to draw a lot of attention either though. Basically, don't burn during the banned periods, don't create smoke monsters (trash and leaves), and don't build a fire so big that it can be seen from the International Space Station. I have never been hassled about small manageable fires from my brush clearing and firewood clean up. My neighbors are pretty level headed too; which certainly helps avoid the wrong kind of attention....

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    Where i am at in Ulster County, Town of Rochester, the town issues an annual burn permit which does have a couple of blackout periods. There is a number on the permit that you call anytime you are starting a fire and they approve it based on weather conditions and then you call them back and let them know when it is extinguished.

    That puts local FD on notice and they know it is a controlled burn if anyone calls it in. It also gets you off the hook if things get out of hand and you do need to call in the FD.

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