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    Default 3pth backhoe for L3130

    what 3pth self contained backhoe would you recommend by size for a L3130 ?

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    Default Re: 3pth backhoe for L3130

    Welcome RHC. I think some people are being polite, but let me just blunder into this. I don't think very many TBN folks are eager to "recommend" a 3 pt backhoe for any tractor. Almost every discussion I've seen on backhoes has at least one recommendation to avoid the 3 pt type backhoes. That's because they generally have less digging ability, can be more difficult to put on and remove and have a potential to cause damage to the tractor or injure the operator. The 3 pt type of backhoe remains on the market because it is somewhat less costly and with proper setup can be adequate for lighter duty use. But operating that type of backhoe can still place a lot of stress and shock loading on the tractor rear end that does not occur with a subframe mounted backhoe, at least not to any similar extent.

    kubota apparently stopped offering a 3 pt backhoe when the current series of tractors was brought out about 5 or 6 years ago, going to subframe-type BH's instead. Prior to that, on the Grand L xx30 models such as yours, the Kubota 3 pt BH was a BL4690B. I don't know if a Kubota dealer could still get you a new one, but you might find a used one with some looking. There are also some good 3rd party brands, but if you're looking in that direction, why not simply specify a subframe configuration for it?

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    Default Re: 3pth backhoe for L3130

    While the L3130 has a heavy 3 point hitch sytem, the size of hyoe that the tractor takes will do damage to the tractor if it was only 3 point mounted. I have a Bradco 408N backhoe on a 4 point sub frame mount and while they do not recomended it I can pull the tractor around with it easily. I had a incident where I broke one of the lower lift arm mounts and I know someone else did the same pushing logs with a rear blade and I can tell you the the three point system is just not up to those loads and stresses. I got lucky with mhy hoe when we bought it, the backhoe was mounted on a skidsteer and the guy upgraded to a mini excavator and the 408 just needed the brackets changed to go onto a tractor and got it for 5k mounted, but had to get the tractor to go with the hoe of course. Every once in a while around here I have been seeing the rental places sell their hoes on Craiglist and some are the Bradco that have different mounting kits, on the L3130 you do need the LA723 loader mounts to put the sub frame on.

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