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    Default Re: New B3350

    Quote Originally Posted by eb542 View Post
    Yes that is the plug I removed. Not a fan of loading the tires, I like to be able to remove weight when required. I am taking off the grass catcher today, putting the spacers and will hook up the ballast box to see how it feels.
    Would a different size wheel spacer work better with the mower / grass catcher? (I'm not sure I have a good idea where it's interfering.)

    Motorsport Tech can make custom sizes. They have a lot of great reviews on their quality as well.(Again, I'm not sure if going bigger will help you though.)

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    Default Re: New B3350

    Quote Originally Posted by eb542 View Post
    Got my B2650 (on turfs) a few days ago, here is the package:

    60" mid mount mower
    Grass catcher and boot kit
    L534 loader
    Quick attach
    66" bucket
    Rear work lights
    Rear wheel spacers
    Steering wheel spinner
    Dual rear remote
    42" HLA forks
    Econor 66" rear snowblower with dual hydro chute adjustments.

    Loader leaks on delivery, a/c will not function. Removed main lift cyl, new teflon tape, leak is gone. Opened radio compartment after much troubleshooting and found a disconnected wire in the cab liner, reconnected and all good.

    1) You can't install the wheel spacers with the rear grass catcher, simply not possible. I would not even recommend using the spacers with the 60" deck either, not a safe setup. No clearance.

    2) the loader is much more powerful than the L304 that was on my B2320

    3) 66" bucket is not safe for heavy material handling, I selected this size only for snow.

    4) steering wheel spinner, can't believe I used a tractor for 5 years without one.

    5) rear work lights are extremely powerful, same in front.

    6) quick attach is well worth the money

    7) fork attachement is excellent, need more pallets to store all my stuff!

    8 ) rear remotes took 2 months to order, nice clean setup, haven't used them yet

    9) tractor is extremely tippy with full bucket and nothing in the back, CAUTION!

    10) radio setup was easy, bought a Sony with bluetooth, cut the kubota plug and rewired myself. Do not use the diagram that circulates on the web about using a Generic radio in a Kubota RTV, not a single wire was coded according to the diagram found in various forums. Had to remove the speakers to figure out the polarity, nuts are a pain since they fall in the cab ceiling liner when your unscrew the speakers. Have fun!

    11) a/c works fine, heater is powerful

    12) Cab, well I am impressed. Very well built, air tight, quiet and roomy. Seat is also good but suspension bottoms out right away even at full setting, I guess I am not the "average" tractor driver size/weight....

    13) don't waste your time trying to figure out where to put the steering wheel spinner, the top center changes all the time and you end up with a spinner in a new position every time you jump back in.

    14) cab speakers are Clarion 4", need to upgrade them very shortly and add two front speakers before the winter.

    Will use the mower and bagger tomorrow, looks ok, but not much clearance under the deck when raised to the top for loader yard work.

    Overall, night and day with my B2320, not for someone with lots of hills on his/her property.
    Did you really get a 66" bucket?

    Kubota only has 60" and 54" buckets listed for that tractor.

    I'm curious - because I just got one of the Bxx50 SSQA setups for the LA504 on my B3200 - and I got the 60" and the 54" - 54" for digging - and the 60" for snow removal. I probably would have gotten the 66" if I had known it was available.

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    Bucket is from the L Series, model L2256 and it is 66" wide. Also heavier gage than the 54 & 60". Perfect fit on the LA534 quick attach.

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    Default Re: New B3350

    I also have the L2256 bucket on our B3030HSDC.When I ordered the tractor with the ATI quick attach,I asked for a 60" bucket.Didn't notice until later they installed the L2256.

    Hey,it's a great fit for me.With the box blade on the back it picks up a pretty full bucket of road gravel no sweat with the LA403 loader.You know you're heavy and the steering might squawk a little.Nice bucket!Almost thinking about getting a bigger " beater "bucket for yard cleanup and firewood.

    Nice tractor review!

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