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There are a couple options that I found pretty clever in the sales brochure like the momentary throttle advance on the loader handle and the hydraulic bucket release. I would use that throttle advance button all the time! It would be awesome for loader work. Pretty sure the hydraulic quick change has been around on skid steers for a while. On a CUT it's a Cadillac feature for sure. Maunally lifting the levers couldn't be much easier, but I can see how it would be a time saver for folks that need to change often. It definitely saves a trip out of the seat. The cab looks really plush. I still haven't fallen in love with the new hood style though...

Overall they look like really nice machines to me.
My 580k has something similar to the throttle advance. On top of the FEL lever and gear lever is a button that puts the tractor into neutral. You then can use the gas pedal to rev the motor up to speed up the hydraulics without the tractor trying to drive. On the gear shift it allows you to shift gears without having to move the shuttle lever into neutral. It works well with a shuttle because the motor goes to idle with you let off the gas pedal. On my HST tractor I rarely have the engine that low so I don't see it being that useful. I would work well with the autothrottle.