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    Default L3010 or L3410?

    Hello Everyone. New member to the board. Been a reader for some time. I've test driven a L3010 HST. Really liked the machine. Felt very solid. I have 10 acres on which to use the tractor. Lots of mowing (5+ acres) bush hog the rest. Some light landscaping too. Hmm, maybe I'll even try to make a 500' gravel driveway myself. I've read some posts that the 3010 HST does not pull high gear well. I assume that is an anomoly and that if everything is fine the tractor should easily pull high range. Yet I have heard others acouse the 3010 HST of being underpowered for its weight (regardless of the above problems). If I'm going to spend this kind of money ($18,300 is the best offer so far with HST, loader and R4's) I sure don't want an underpowered machine. Is the 3410 worth the extra $? If I'm spending this kind of money I want the right machine. Does any 3010 HST owner consider their machine underpowered? If pushing against an obstruction can a 3010 HST spin all wheels? Sorry for all the questions, new to all of this.

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    Default Re: L3010 or L3410?

    Its my understanding that they are pretty much the same tractor but the 3410 has the added power needed for the tough jobs. The 3410 also costs about $1000.00 more +or- to me I would go for the extra power but to me bigger is better. People almost never trade down always up in size.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: L3010 or L3410?

    I don't have an L3010 or L3410 and have never used either one, but I do have an L4310HST. I feel certain that if you took a stock L3010 with R4 tires, put a 400 lb. box scraper on the rear, and pushed against an immovable object, you could spin all 4 tires, even in medium range. Load the front bucket, however, and hydroinflate the tires, and it would be a different story. Unballasted, compact utility tractors just don't have that much traction.

    I still think, though, that the extra money would be well spent on the L3410, especially if you plan to hydroinflate the tires.


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