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    Default Am I Missing Any Items For Quote?

    kubota L3400 w/R4 Tires
    Kubota FEL - LA463 w/Toothbar. 4-position valve, 2 hooks (will probably ask after the quote to sweeten the deal along with the toothbar)
    Kubota Backhoe - BH75 w/16" bucket

    Pricing for each, only one will be selected
    * Bush Hog Rotary Cutter, Model #285
    *Woods Standard Duty BushBull Rotary Cutter, Model #60 w/slip clutch option
    *Woods Medium Duty BushBull Rotary Cutter, Model #60

    Setup$ (Tractor, FEL, BH, RC)

    Will be used in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Georgia for
    *brush hogging up to 7 acres some hills and rocks, approx 5 acres of the 7 are currently being farmed, could change to being non-farmed.

    * Trenching

    * Cleaning out ditches, both open areas and tight places - thus the compromise between the B3030 and L3130 => L3400

    * Scooping rock out of the river for roads (after a flood the rocks come back and I'll never to scoop out enough to expose the river bottom)

    * Skidding logs - Popular, Locus, Oak, Walnut (all could range from 12-25")

    Additionally, the L3400 looked like it is easier to work on.

    Are any of the brush cutters too big for an L3400? Any ideas on what they may cost?

    Do I need to include any other items?

    Thanks in advance for any input,

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    Default Re: Am I Missing Any Items For Quote?

    Delivery charges.

    Might be able to have the 50 hour maintenance included.

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    Default Re: Am I Missing Any Items For Quote?

    Filled tires and hats. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    -Mike Z. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Am I Missing Any Items For Quote?


    I would get the high output alternator if it is an option on the L3400.

    Is the bucket of choice included in the price of the hoe? I think one was when I bought my B2910 and BL4690 hoe almost three years ago. If so I would get the 24" bucket and buy a second 12" bucket...I wish someone had advised me to do that...too late now, the 24" is too expensive to add as a third bucket to my current 10" and 16" buckets.

    Block heater might not be needed where you live, but is pretty cheap to have installed if it does get below freezing there...

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    Default Re: Am I Missing Any Items For Quote?

    hooks on FEL.

    a 24" bucket for the BH

    Maybe reverse tires for wider stability.

    Extra lynch pins and cotter keys

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