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    Default Thinking of buying a kubota bx2230. Pros? Cons?

    I'm thinking of buying a kubota bx2230 to fill in between my JD 4320 and a kubota zd25.I'm not able to cut all of my hills with the ZD25 and was looking at the GR2100 but for not much more I can purchase a bx2230. I would be looking at using it to cut some grass and some light landscaping , ( 5 foot blade,Roto tilling, 5 foot rake ect,)Looking for pros and if there are any cons?My property is steep and narrow at some points were its trick at best to get the John Deere into and to steep for the ZD25 to cut.any info would be Great. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Thinking of buying a kubota bx2230. Pros? Cons?

    If you decide to buy the bx2230 you will not be unhappy. I bought mine one year ago, I have the fel, 54in deck and snowblower. It amazes me every time I use it. It blows through 14 inches of wet snow like nothing. The fel digs beautifully, with the addition of a tooth bar, and a weight box, it takes a little time, but the job gets done. The 54 in. mmm, cuts my grass so good , when I"m finished it looks like a golf course. I also like the fact that all items on my kubota {engine,rear,hyd pump ect.} are made by Kubota, not other manufacturers. And one more thing to add, I haven"t had any problems at all. Have a good one, and be safe.

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    Default Re: Thinking of buying a kubota bx2230. Pros? Cons?

    I'll second that opinion. I bought a BX2230 equipped the same as yours (except a box blade instead of the snowblower) to get into places the L4610 can't go. With the 48" box blade and the loader + toothbar, it's a mini-L4610, a real little workhorse.

    One caution is that you don't have a lot of ground clearance, so you don't want to go into heavy brush, etc. where sticks can jab up into the drivetrain. The other is you need weight in back to use the FEL. Loaded tires, box blade, my slender 240 lbs. all make a difference.

    Great fuel economy when mowing also. 54" deck is great, but I find it pays to keep the mower blades sharp.

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