My tractor usage consists of about 90% mowing. And I think I could find a better mower for the money than this tractor. But I'm not sure what would be a fair value to ask if were to sell it or trade it.

I'm not the first owner, so I don't know a whole lot about it (when it was purchased, how many hours are on it, etc. - hour meter is broken.) I'm guessing it's from the late 80's or early 90's, and looks it's age, but it runs really well. Diesel, 4wd, 3 cyl., 17 HP. Power steering, rear and mid PTO's, FEL, ROP. I would also include the kubota 54" mid-mount mowing deck and the 48" bush hog, unless the buyer wasn't interested in all of it.

Any ideas on a fair price? I'm thinking maybe $5k for the whole shebang?

All help is appreciated, thanks,