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    Default B7100

    Hi Folks,

    I'm getting ready to buy my first tractor. I've learned a lot by reading these posts, but I could use a little advice.

    I now have 14 acres, about 3 of which I will need to mow (finish mowing); the rest is wooded. I also have a 600 ft gravel driveway that I will have to clear of snow. I live in Pennsylvania, so we usually don't get tons of snow, but every once in a while, we do get a blizzard. Usually, the snow is wet and heavy.

    I'm convinced the BX series is the right size for me. I'd *love* to own one. Unfortunately, my budget is about half of what it would take to get one. So I've been looking at used tractors.

    I found a B7100. It's 2 wheel drive, and no power steering, but it seems to run well. It seems in generally good condition for a tractor that age. It has some rust. I can get it with a 60" belly mower for just under $5,000. I can also get a used 3 pt 4 ft snowblower for about $800

    My main questions are: Will it do the job I need and will it be reliable? Should I be worried about buying a tractor that old? Is the price reasonable?

    Thanks for any/all advice.


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    Default Re: B7100

    It's not the age but hours and condition of the tractor that count. The 7100's are Character Builders as they do not come with powersteering. Your Doctor may tell you about tennis elbow and your shoulders may complain. But do not fear as you will develop more muscle.
    The lack of 4 wheel drive may be a real draw back in snow and if you go out into the wooded area. It really cuts down on the ability to pull.

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    Default Re: B7100

    I have a 1995 B7100 that is probably a bit different than the one you are looking at. Mine's 4wd with hydrostatic trans., but it's still a B7100. I mow upwards of 5 1/2 acres with the 60" mower deck and push snow with a 5 ft back blade in the winter. I also use rear tire chains on the turf tires and it does just fine getting through and pushing the snow around. Here in SE Michigan we had a 24"+ snow storm early last year and I pushed my way out of our 300' driveway without too much difficulty. Had to work in smaller bites than a larger tractor would be able to handle, but got it done.

    I'm a big fan of the B7100. A real basic tractor. Easy to maintain. Easy to work on. Easy to live with. If it runs good and the hours aren't too bad, I'd work the price a little more and see what happens.

    Bob Pence

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    Default Re: B7100

    Many of the current <font color=orange>kubota </font color=orange>owners that are on TBN cut their <font color=orange>Kubota </font color=orange>teeth on a B7100. Mine was a mid 1980's with HST and 4WD.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif[/img] I used it to move snow on my sidewalks and around doorways. Without 4WD it would get stuck in it's own tracks.[img]/w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif[/img] With chains on rear tires and front and rear blade you may be able to do a very good job cleaning snow off your drive. It should make a super lawn cutter. I sold my B7100 with a 48" mower and back blade in 2000 for $5000. I think without HST and 4WD. $5000 may be a little high.

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    Quick Answer:

    The B7100 is a excellent tractor and a 4wd version will most likely do everything that you asked about. The price is, assuming hydrostatic 2wd, is "fair" at best.

    More Detailed Answer:

    In general, the B7100 is an excellent tractor; maybe the longest produced tractor in kubota history. It had a 16hp 3 cylinder diesel engine and was produced from the mid-late 1970s until the late 1990s. It was available in 2wd or 4wd and did not have a power steering option. The earlier models were gear drive, the late 1990 models were hydrostatic only, and I assume that the mid-1980s models were available either way.

    You didn't say whether the tractor you are considering is an older gear drive or a hydrostatic drive. That would make a difference. The 60" mid-mower indicates that it is a hydrostatic drive since the older gear drives typically came with a 48" mid-mower.

    The older tractors did not come with a ROPs where the newer ones did. I added a factory ROPs to my older gear drive B7100 4wd which didn't come with one.

    Price: If it is a newer model hydrostatic, with mid-mower, then the price seems "fair". I would consider it to be a really good price for a 4wd B7100.

    2wd vs 4wd: I think that you will be disappointed with the 2wd. Mowing reasonably level yards would be handled sufficiently with a 2wd, but the plowing tasks that you envision will be a problem without 4wd.

    B7100 Mid-mower: The mower is a pain to remove and install.

    3-Point Hitch Snow Blower & PTOs: General rule of thumb here for all compact Kubotas; gear drives do not have a "live" PTO where the hydrostatic drives essentially do. PTO driven equipment operates much more conveniently with hydrostatic drives.

    Hope this helps,

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    Default Re: B7100

    I think you would be sorry you didn't get 4wd, especially for the snow clearing. I have a friend with a B7100, and it is a real little workhorse, but his one comment about says it all: "I rarely take it out of 4wd".

    The GlueGuy

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