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    Default B6200 w/1630 Loader

    I have a kubota B6200 tractor with 4wd;3cyl deisel;15hp; and a 1630 front end loader and a 5' box blade.
    It's well kept with 242 TRUE Hours. How much should I expect to be able to charge for my tractor ?

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    Default Re: B6200 w/1630 Loader

    Here are some issues that affect the pricing (I don't remember how the B6200 came equipped from the factory).

    Hydrostat or Gear?
    Power Steering?
    What part of the country are you in?

    I can only give you a wide range. I would say it would be worth between $5000 and $8000 based upon what I've seen being ASKED for similiar tractors. There is a web site that I believe posts auction prices; I have never been there but several tractorbynetusers frequently post prices from that site.

    The closest NEW tractor to what you have is the 16hp kubota B7400HSD; I am thinking that it costs around $11k new for tractor and FEL, but my figure could be inaccurate.

    If you are in the South East US, I have a friend that is looking for something in that size or larger.


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    Default Re: B6200 w/1630 Loader

    Is it 4 wheel drive?
    If I remember correctly the 6200 is an old model.

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