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    Default Help me make my decision.....

    I want something to mow my yard and my pastures(probally about 10 acres), mostly flat.There is trees in the yard.I currently have a B7500 with a FEL.I thought of getting a MMM for it but I thought it would catch on the tree nimbs.,I also thought of getting a ZD21 zero turn mower and then I noticed the BX24.It's neat looking and I could use the BH some too.I priced it with a MMM and it's going to run 17,500.00.The ZD21 runs about 9620.00 and my current B7500 will be paid for in Dec. I would use it for mostly mowing and some brush hogging.My main thing is I don't know what I want.I know adding a MMM to mine would be good but I do some mowing on a small incline and the tractor might turn over.(NOT GOOD).Would the BX24 handle small inclines? Looks like when the loader and BH is off it would be a regular lawn mower.Should I keep my B7500 or trade it for a BX24 or just keep my B7500 and buy a ZD21 Zero turn mower? Will the BX24 really dig good with the BH? Anyone have pics and advise on what I should do? I;m totally confused.HELP...
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    Default just a few thoughts

    The BX is an excellent mower, probably as good as the zero turn, unless we are talking about a smooth, level, manicured lawn. The backhoe will impress, but much more so in ground not laden with too many rocks. Here in Missouri, it is very rocky, and it can take some time to dig. It will always beat a shovel and steel bar (for busting rocks). Depending on what all you do with your B7500, you may miss the ground clearance it has compared to the BX. I don't think you will notice any huge difference in power. Maybe less loader capacity (I'm not sure). The BX is great on inclines in terms of low center of gravity. I'd still always err on the side of safety and not try any miraculous feats of manuevering dangerous inclines, but it is amazing how well it handles inclines. The danger usually is more in the form of having a tire drop into a hole and getting in trouble because the tractor is so light.
    I am obviously impressed as I decided to keep mine and add a larger tractor (L5030HSTC) rather than sell it and try to have one tractor do it all. It will get into tight places better than larger tractor, mow better with the suspended deck, use very little fuel, has a backhoe that's powerful enough for all my hoe needs, and does a great job working a garden spot using a 42" tiller.
    I hope this helps!
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