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    Buying L3010 with ind. tires. I was told the mmm will not work with these tires so i want these tires for stiffer side walls and mowing. A friend told me to go with the bush hog finish mower instead of the woods. Specs are about the same. Advice please. Did not price, any tiller any ideal of pricing. Thanks. william

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    William, I'm not sure we can give you any reliable advice with no more information than you provided. I have a Bush Hog finish mower; RDTH60 that cost me $1,695 two years ago. I also have a Bush Hog RTS40 tiller that cost $1,300 about 6.5 years ago. I like Bush Hog products, but tend to believe they're a little over priced. If I were buying a new tiller today, I'd probably have to try the King Kutter; better price but don't really know about the quality - looks good at least. And Woods has a good reputation, but I have no personal experience with their products and haven't priced them locally. Hope this helps a little bit.

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    I think that the "Big 3" in tractor 3-point finish mowers, if there is such as thing, is Bush Hog, Woods and Land Pride. It has been over a year since I've done any price comparisons, but at that time the Land Pride was the most expensive of the three.

    I believe all three to be very good quality, but I did receive negative comments about Woods along the line of "they used to be the top of the line, but have not improved their designs and the other manufacturers have surpassed them while Woods was left behind relying on their name recognition". For me, local dealer representation for Woods products was very poor, and the only finish mowers that they had in stock were 7 or 8 brand new ones and all were about 4 or 5 years old (and were discounted only slightly).

    In any case, remember to compare apples to apples when comparing across brands. For example, Land Pride makes light, medium and heavy duty series (model numbers 15xx, 25xx and 35xx) finish mowers with varying deck thickness, overall weight and gearbox hp ratings (among other things). In the Land Pride line-up, and probably the others as well, you have a choice between the Flat Deck design or the Air Tunnel (high lift) design. Most all manufacturers now offer a choice of side or rear discharge. I wanted a rear-discharge mower but found a good price on a good used medium 60" Land Pride Air Tunnel side discharge mower (AT2560) and have been extremely pleased with it.

    If I had to purchase a new one, however, I would probably purchase one of the lesser know name brands such as King Kutter, Caroni, Farm King, Befco etc. I have not heard of any major problems with them (I remember polling this board as part of my research) and they cost in the $800 to $1300 range versus the $1300-$1900 range for the "Big Three".

    Hope this helps at least a little,

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    William, If your thinking about a woods mid mount I think you would be much happier with a rear mount from any of the "top three" I personnaly don't recommend an aftermarket mid mount for any tractor. The factory equipment is soooo much better adapted to your application (if you have to have a midmount). I really like the rear mount mowers for larger size tractors. Ease of removal and installation and ground clearance are the big factors. Then there's that god awful huge mower drive pulley complete with safety gaurds attached to the rear pto on most of the Woods mid mount applications. Do I dislike Woods equipment? NO WAY, they're one of the best!!! But that mid mount mower they sell, I definitely have issues with.

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    ww. as per birds post u really don't give us much infor to work with. but any how with my old ford 2n i had a king kutter 6 ft. finish mower. it was a fine mower and very well priced, but when i got my b2400 it came with a befco rear discharge mower, it is much heavier built. depends on what u want to do with it, but be aware most manufactures make different grades of the same size mower.get the model that u think will stand up to your particular needs.

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