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    Default L3400 front blade and other questions

    I've been lurking long enough so it's time to jump in. We own 6 AC in northern CT. which about 5 is cleared. The remainder is low-lying swamp. Situated on the rear property is our 4 stall 24' X 48' horse barn and all the manure that goes with it.
    Anyway, we have never owned a tractor. In the past we have paid local kids or "borrowed" tractors to bush hog our field. But without mowing on a regular basis, the perimeter brush is slowly creeping in shrinking the open space. Hence, we need to purchase a tractor with a FEL.
    We have a JD dealer 5 miles from our home which primarily deals in landscaping equipment and the JD CUT line. Unfortunately, they price their equipment high and are somewhat aloof with a "take it, or leave it" attitude. Furthmore, we are looking for a basic machine without most of the amenities. JD offers the 790 (I think my wife has settled on a hydro) or as an alternative an over-priced 3203.
    Looking to get the best bang for my buck on a limited budget, the L3400 has caught my eye. From what I've read here it is bullet proof and is larger and more powerful than comparibly priced competitors machines (e.g. JD 790). Another reason I am looking at "orange" is that I recently borrowed an older B8200 from a friend to mow. This old tractor is a rust bucket which looks like it's been through a war or two. But mechanically, it never skipped a beat which impressed me.
    So, I have a few questions from you kubota enthusiasts. Why do they (Kubota) not offer a front blade for pushing snow? (My barn is 500' from the street).
    Also, how much of a price increase from the gear trans. to the hydro? If and when we decide to jump in, I think we need to weigh out price vs. buying locally in New England since their prices (from what I have read here) are inflated. A few years ago I saved several thousand dollars by travelling to Indiana to purchase a new RV after a substantial amount of dickering with a local dealer for the same unit. So a drive to PA. or down south is not out of the question if the numbers are substantially better. I am basically a DIY'er. If a minor warranty issue pops up, I don't mind doing the work myself as long as Kubota provides the parts. Sometimes getting a machine back to a dealer for a minor repair is not worth the hassle.
    Any help you folks can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: L3400 front blade and other questions

    I went through the same high local price issue myself recently.
    I ended up going totally through the net to Barlow Equipment - Home of the kubota Package Builder. Beat the local guy literally by thousands. I wanted to keep the sale local and had conversations with the local dealer about it and he said there was no way he could touch the price. We also talked about the service issue and he seamed eager to have the service work. I was very happy with the way it went. Good luck.

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    Default Re: L3400 front blade and other questions

    Quote Originally Posted by SteveA
    So, I have a few questions from you kubota enthusiasts. Why do they (Kubota) not offer a front blade for pushing snow? (My barn is 500' from the street).
    I don't know why they don't offer a front blade. I use a rear blower on my L3400HST but I'd like to have blade too. Maybe if they get enough Emails???
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