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    Default L4400 with R4 tires - Width?

    First of all, what a great informational forum! I've lurked around in the background for some time now.

    I'm looking for the width of an L4400 with R4 tires. I'm planning to use in a vineyard setting so need to make sure it will fit down the 96" rows with a little room to spare. 65" - 68" would be good, 72" would be the max. Web sites lists it at 62.5", but I'm assuming that's with R1's.



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    Default Re: L4400 with R4 tires - Width?

    The owner's manual lists tread widths (measured from the center of the tread on one side to the center of the tread on the other side) for "Industrial" tires which I assume is R4's. It lists the max tread width as 59.1 inches. Oddly, according to the manual it lists the industrial wheels as adjustable the same as the Ag ones. I always thought the rims for R4s were not adjustable.

    In any case, this still doesn't help you with max effective width (outside of one tire to the outside of the other one). You might just have to go to a dealer and make a measurement.

    Are you certain you want R4's? I'm sure they tear the ground up less than Ags, but you can get the Ags into a significantly narrower total width than the R4's.
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    Default Re: L4400 with R4 tires - Width?

    I have the ag tires on my L4400 but the seller put my wheels out before purchase and although it's not out to full width they are just at 72" to be inside my 6' Bush Hog. I would think the R4's would surely be under that width with the wheels up like they come off the showroom.

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