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    Default GR2100 Fuel filter change

    I am ready to change the fuel filters on my GR2100 and could use some advice on how to accomplish this task.

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    Default Re: GR2100 Fuel filter change

    A little late,but better than never. For the filter in engine compartment-I take a pair of needlenose vise grips,put some rubber line over the jaws,then clamp the fuel line on the inlet side(from tank)-maybe cut a milk jug in 1/2 and put under filter as you undo the lines to catch filter and stray diesel fuel. The fuel filter under seat is a PITA-I put the vise grips on line from tank. When you go to start it,turn key on,but do not start-let the pump fill lines and filters(keep hood open so you can see)I think it's around 20-30 seconds to fill lines and filters,but I never actually timed it.
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