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    Default Re: G5200 Front PTO engagement belts

    Jim, of course the upper lock nut controls the spring length/tightness when engaged, but the lower locknut should be tight also . Yours looks to be a few threads backed-off from being tight. Did you forget to do that or take the picture while doing the adjustment?

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    Default Re: G5200 Front PTO engagement belts

    Good eye, Jim. I was in the middle of doing the adjustment when I thought
    "If I don't just take the picture right now, I will forget to do it."
    Then I finished measuring, adjusting & tightened the jam nut.
    What you can't see in the photo is the pair of 8" locking pliers clamped onto the ferrule at the end of the cable housing, above the nuts & bracket. The pliers serve 2 purposes: first, to anti-rotate the cable while the upper nut is adjusted; second to flag me that the job isn't finished, yet. I know myself too well to leave loose ends without also leaving a visual telltale.
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