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    kubota bx25

    Default grapple bx25

    grapple for my bx25, any suggestions or ideas ,1 that is easy to install
    this is all new me

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    Default Re: grapple bx25

    Your in the Lawn and Garden forum. You'll get more response in the kubota tractor owners forum here:Kubota Owning/Operating
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    Default Re: grapple bx25

    You could always bolt on a thumb and use the hoe bucket & thumb as a grapple type arrangement if it would work for you. I got my thumb from Bro-Tek.

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    Default Re: grapple bx25

    There are a few products out there to add one to your BX but not cheap, or you can buy a bolt on thumb and like Garyoc posted above and then fabricate a mount for it on your FEL, then figure out how to add a third hydraulic circuit to your FEL to control it. Do a search in the attachments forum for "grappleomatic". Member Artisan posted a very comprehensive thread on how he added one to his BX25 and I think there's links to other products/options in that thread.

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    Default Re: grapple bx25

    adding a grapple to a subcompact is not a good idea. After its all done, you maybe able to lift 200-250lbs of stuff. Its just not a good idea.

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    Default Re: grapple bx25

    The thing with a grapple on a sub compact is knowing your limitation. For lifting brush you would probably be ok, but like MessickFarmEqu said, you're only going to be able to lift 200-250 .lbs. So you might have some problems if you are going to lift cut logs.

    That being said, I still want one on my Sc2400. I made some brush forks for my Sc2400 which work good, but I'd still like the capability of a full grapple.

    grapple  bx25-brushforks-jpg

    grapple  bx25-dsc04238-jpg

    The weight of the bucket for the Sc2400 is 130 .lbs. The weight of the smallest 38" grapple from WRLong, is 280 .lbs. Bolt on is 143 .lbs
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