I removed the deck from my T1560 mower. It is a 3 blade 44" deck. I think RCK 44LT or RCK 44 is the model. I replaced all 6 bearings on the spindles. FYI...the bearings are a 6205-2RS and can be found cheap, or $8 each from kubota. Also, I found this old thread (see link) and posted some good info on pulley removal. over time the key tends to get very tight and pulley hard to remove. Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes:


On Kubota parts diagram, they show an upper and lower cover for the spindle/bearings, with different part #s for both. I think Kubota dealer told me they've been replaced with new part # now, same for both. Dealer told me they are essentially a thin metal cover. They are pricey at $15/each X6. I can't seem to see that I have 6 of these. Maybe one or 2 of my spindles had them but they are so deteriorated, i can't really tell.

Has anyone else used these, or not? Are they that critical?