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My one front tire is still "flat" and mowed almost all home property yesterday except for trails. I have a new tire I'd bought a year or two ago, maybe three which I brought home to see what I may do. Yesterday was my third mowing session and never missed a beat as far as I could tell with the steering issue. Believe it's now fixed.
Pondering filling an old cut tire with foam insulation (the kind that gets hard) from a can to see what it will do. I have an old rim and tire that fell off and got cut up by the blades when I ran over it so not much to lose.
Interesting, had forgotten all about this old thread and finally did this foam fill of my cut tire a few weeks ago. Have mowed twice since and it seems to be holding up well. I have a new tire and an old shredded tire on the rim which I have set back. Forgot these rims come apart to get tires on and off, or hope they do. I'll get old shredded tire off and mount my new tire for backup or may just foam it while I have the rim apart.
Want to bump the thread anyway.