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    Default L4310 and Bush Hog M246 FEL

    6 years ago I bought this tractor new. Dealer said the Bush Hog loader would do more work, lifted higher, and cost less. So I went with it. I now have about 550 hours on the tractor.

    I have had a re-occuring problem stripping bolts out of the FEL mounting bracket. Each time it is the same bolts and the same problem. The bolts in holding the mounting bracket to the bell housing have simply "pulled out". One time it broke the bell housing. I have paid the dealer to repair it twice. Both time the dealer installed heilicoils (sp) in the bell housing bolt holes. Bush Hog paid the dealer to replace the bell housing and installed an improved mounting bracket.

    The fix last about 100-150 hours. Now its broken again. Bush Hog and the dealer said it is no longer their problem. Another kubota dealer said Bush Hog has had problems with this loader on this tractor. Bush Hog has replaced or repaired several of them. This dealer also recommended the bush hog loader 6 years ago - but has since decided the Kubota FEL is much better.

    Anybody had this problem? Is there a fix (that stays fixed)? Could I be doing anything to cause this problem? I had teeth installed on the bucket when I bought it and have done some digging, but most loader work is lifting and hauling dirt, gravel, rocks and debris. Most of the hours on the tractor are from mowing.

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    Default Re: L4310 and Bush Hog M246 FEL

    First off, welcome to TBN.
    Next, I am sure you will get several ideas from the guys here.
    If I was you and I wanted to keep the same loader, here is what I would do. I would install a full lower frame. If it has only a mid mount with the linkage to the front. I would add a lower frame from the mid mount location to the rear axle. Depending on the way the mid mounting area is designed on the loader mounts and also on the loader would determine how I would attach the lower rear mount. By tying all of it together, you eliminate the problems you are having now by taking the strain away from the bell housing area of the tractor.
    Good luck in what ever avenue you chose.

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