I have the illustrated parts manual for my F3060 front mower and had the dealer order a new front rim. When the rim came in it was too narrow.

The rim I have is stamped 12 x 10.5JA Armstrong and the rim that came in at the dealer is 12 x 8.5 titan. The tire on my rim is a Titan ultra 24 x 13 - 12.

The page in the manual indicates 12 x 10.5 in the heading so I assumed it meant the rim but now I find out that the f2260 which the manual also covers came with 10.5 - 12 tires. The wider rim is not listed that I can find.

So does anyone have any leads on the correct part number for the 12 x 10.5 wheel that goes on the front of a F3060 mower serial #100xx.