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    Default Remote Hydraulic Kit for L3130

    Can anyone help provide me with the kubota number for Remote Hydraulic Assembly Kit for a 2004, L3130 ? I have access to a kit that is labled L305F or L305DT. Will it fit my tractor ? I'd like to add rear remotes and power for Andy Tatro's grapple, but information is scarce.....
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    Default Re: Remote Hydraulic Kit for L3130


    I can't help with that number - sorry.

    I do see that the 2007 catalog includes a stackable type kit for the GrandL series 30, number L8305 base with either L8303 "double acting" valve or L8304 "float detent" valve.

    Again, this is a stackable system - perhaps yours is non-stackable, or older, or maybe that box contains both the L8305 base with one of the valves...??

    I'm no expert on it, so you may want to check with a dealer...

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    Default Re: Remote Hydraulic Kit for L3130

    Hi, I had L3130 and put my valve on myself and the kit you are looking at well not work. For one thing its on the left side and your L3130 goes on the right side and Hyd. in & out lines base, mounts on top of the 3pt. case and the L305 mounts on the left. Can't give you part #s on the hole kits I think the sales dept are the ones that have that. I only have parts drawings and there #s. The valve don't even look the same. Sure would nice if it did I would buy it.
    Hope that helps, Lee PS tried to send you the pic. but could not

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