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    Default Bro-Tek ripper

    I tried posting this in the attachment forum first, but it probably should be here since I believe most users of the bro-tek products are BX users.

    Here is alink link to my other post, I did get a couple of replies.

    Has anyone used the Bro-Tek Ripper?

    The video on their website shows it being used in what appears to be very nice loose soil. I live in Maryland have a lot of clay/hardpack to deal with. Just wondering how it performed for you and what you used it for.

    What about the Bro-Tek ripper tooth with the plow attachment?

    This is not on the website but was on the price list they provided me. This looks llike it could be handy for trenching for cable runs? What about digging a trench 1 foot deep for a sprinkler system?

    Here is a video that Richard from Bro-Tek provided of the new ripper with plow attachment in action. Looks nice but my soil is not this nice.

    Video of Bro-Tek Ripper/Plow - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    I'm just looking to get some real world experiences with the ripper before I purchase.
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    Default Re: Bro-Tek ripper


    I don't have any personal experience with the "hook" but maybe we can help if you tell us more about what you would like this tool to do ....

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    Default Re: Bro-Tek ripper

    I have at least 30 hours on my Bro-Tek ripper. It is my most used implement. Digging stumps, picking rocks, breaking ground that seems as hard as concrete, and of course, digging small irrigation and drainage piping ditches. It takes a little time, a little finesse, and occasionally a little manual cleanup. But it sure beats a pick and shovel. The ground here is so rocky that I have worn 25% of the point off the ripper tooth.

    Every rock in the picture was removed from within 12" of the surface of the ground to run a little irrigation line.


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    Default Re: Bro-Tek ripper

    I got one primarily for roots and rocks. I didn't get the plow option, so can't comment on how that works. I'm using mine to clear hardwood undergrowth from the wooded part of my rocky Maryland property (up to 6" caliper), and to grub rocks. It easily breaks roots closer to the trunk than the bucket, but depth is limited, because it can't "dig" like a bucket. This hasn't been an issue for me, but might be for someone with deep-rooted trees. It does a nice job "popping" rocks, requiring minimal backfilling. I prefer the bucket when using the thumb. The bucket width stabilizes material better than the narrow tooth.

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