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    Default Re: Should I have changed the oil filter also?

    Quote Originally Posted by DickS
    Don't obsess about it. If you want to feel better, go do something to make the wife happy.
    OK, but will probably change the oil anyway after I run out of viagra...

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    Default Re: Should I have changed the oil filter also?

    When synthetic oils become popular years ago Consumer Reports did a test on those oils. They stated that although the oil was capable of going many miles or hours without breaking down no filters on the market could match that performance. They recommended changing filters between oil changes and just topping off the crankcase after changing the oil. I have never seen a recommendation to change the oil without changing the filter and I would most likely ignore such advice if I saw it in a manual.

    Whether using synthetic oils or dino oils I would never even consider doing an oil change without changing the filter. If the filter is doing it's job it's holding the dirty stuff. Why keep it on the engine after changing the oil?

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    Default Re: Should I have changed the oil filter also?

    Higher end synthetic media filters like Amsoil's which can run as high as $25 a filter and have no paper media are an example of a filter that may surpass the expectancy of the breakdown period of the oil. Paper media filters, of which the majority are, fail more than the average consumer recognizes. They all have bypass valves, again typically made of paper, that often prematurely opens by defect and simply routes the oil passed the media. The paper is the weakest link and is the norm - hence, change the filter every time.

    There used to be a website that the owner of faced various legal battles to remove from the www where he was cutting open filters and displaying the vast quantity that failed, the cheap construction of big brands and how very, very few even had synthetic bypass characteristics. Buyer beware!
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    Default Re: Should I have changed the oil filter also?

    A little late to the party but what the hay
    I'm in the change the filter along w/the oil everytime corner too.

    I recall it being pounded into my young and impressionable brain housing group that clean filtered oil was happy oil, which makes a happy engine
    All PM's required filter changes when the oil was changed....

    Don't have the link here at work but I recall reading a "real world" test of Mobile 1 in a V8 Camarro to see how long it could go between changes. They had the oil tested at 5K increments for the 1st 10K then every 2K there after if I recall correctly and they changed the filter everytime at 5K intervals or when they had to add 1/2 a qt or more oil. Seems it went over 17K before the analysis determined the oil was dangerously low on needed additives and needed replaced. They recommended the filter changes primarily to ensure that the trapped debris couldn't be reintroduced back into the engine since the oil remained the same.

    As to the OP's question, I'd recommend changing the filter. Although you're probably safe, the engine "may" still be "breaking in" somewhat between the 50 & 100 hrs and that 50 hr filter could be loaded with break-in debris that we wouldn't want to find it's way back into the engine. A couple $$$'s buys a heap more peace of mind. OF course thats JMHO
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    Default Re: Should I have changed the oil filter also?

    I don't think there's any doubt that the synthetics can be safely run for longer periods of time, especially with a good filter, but about 13 years ago (and yep, I'm sure lots of things have changed in that time) one of the major RV magazines contacted Chrysler, Ford, and GM to ask whether they approved the use of synthetic motor oil in the engines of motorhomes and pickup trucks used to pull travel trailers. All three said the synthetic motor oils were OK for their vehicles but to change oil on the same frequency as you would with petroleum oil.

    The conclusion of their article was that synthetics would be preferable if you lived in areas of extreme hot and cold climates, especially very cold climates, but that they would not be worth the cost otherwise.

    And yes, I know a lot of people now disagree and maybe they're right.

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