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    Default Dash Lights

    Hello Everyone,

    My B7610 has a couple of dash light problems. The left side of it does not illuminate when the lights are on. Could each side be seperately fused? I'm also getting condensation on the inside of the glass covering the guages. Is there a seal that needs to be replaced to cure this? Thanks for any replies that I get.


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    Have you tried checking the bulbs? I'd start there and if they look good swap one of the not functioning ones over to the side that does work. If the bulb then lights you have eliminated one possible problem.

    Next, if you have a 12 volt test light and can access the wires, check for current to the panel.

    But, if under warranty, send problem to dealer so he can repair and document. Protects you down the road.

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    I had a similar problem with all the melting snow we had this weekend. I found from an older thread on this site that the headlamp/blinker switch was corroded. There are parallel circuits for the headlamps and the dash circuit. I cleaned up the copper contacts and coated them with vaseline.

    On the dash panel side, I have found in the past that the connection between the connector and Flex-circuit to be intermittant. The contacts in the connector housing or the flex had moved out of the way and need to be bent back into contact.


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