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    Default help adjusting 3 point hitch lever

    My kubota 9200 HSD 3 point hitch lever will not stay in a raised position. The hydraulics are fine and lift is fine, but the lever will not stay in the raised position on its own. I have just used a bolt and wingnut to hold the lever at whatever height I need, but I would like to fix this problem, as I am getting ready to sell the tractor.

    The lever has a nut at the bottom of the arm where it ties into the hydraulic system, but there does not seem to be any resistance when I try to tighten the nut. I spoke with a mechanic at a dealer recently, and he said that it is fairly simple to tighten, but I am having no luck. Any ideas?

    This is the lever to which I am referring...

    And here is a closeup of where the lever ties into the hydraulic system, and the nut that holds it in. This is the nut that I have tried to tighten, to no avail. I don't know what else to try.

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    Default Re: help adjusting 3 point hitch lever

    my first thought was maybe the threads where stripped under the nut, but that wouldnd't make any sense since the lever is tight enough that it turns the shaft to activate the three point. plus, the nut probably doesn't tighten anything internal, just holds the handle onto the shaft.

    it may be that it's worn inside so that there isn't enough friction to keep it it in place. one way to solve that would be to find a large, loose coil spring large enough in diameter to fit over the shaft. use two large washers on each end and then put the lever back on compressing the spring. that will introduce enough friction to hold the lever in one place where you leave it.

    or, just keep using the method your using. it's working, right? ;-)

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    Default Re: help adjusting 3 point hitch lever

    Have you taken the nut off, sounds like the nut is stripped or the threads on the shaft are stripped. Second picture looks like two friction washers between the lever and the spacer, if the threads on the shaft are stripped, might use a shorter spacer and redo the bends in the lever to get to better threads, if it's the nut that is stripped, easy to fix, just find a metric thread nut.
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