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    Default L35 Hydraulic Capacity

    Gentlemen, I have been searching the board and the site and I can not find the information that I am looking for. I was doing a simple repair and ended up dumping the entire hydraulic system. At any rate I need to know what the capacity is for the hydraulic fluid. I have looked but I can not find, any body have a manual with this information that they would be willing to pass on to me?

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    Default Re: L35 Hydraulic Capacity

    About 41.2 qts. That will get you close, watch the site glass as you fill.


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    Default Re: L35 Hydraulic Capacity

    Where is the site glass? I haven't seen one on mine, model year 2000.

    Approx 10 gallons is correct. But I would stop at 10 gals because (in my experience) that's probably a naked-empty specification. When I put in the 41 quarts, it was over-filled.

    You have an opinion on UDT vs SUDT jb? Big difference in price. Just curious - I went with UDT which is what my dealer said was adequate.

    Martin Petersen

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