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    Default bx grass catcher

    Well I gave in to my wife and bought a bagger for my bx24. After I installed it I ended up with an extra part so I decided to read the instructions. This 3/16" thick x 6" wide x 19" long orange part is no where to be found on the instructions. I spoke to a dealer and he thinks that it is a deflector which would help the collection system work better. It has 2 square holes for carraige bolts and a 4" long arm on it. I can"t find anywhere on the deck that will accept it. Anyone help would be appreciated Thanks, Keith

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    Default Re: bx grass catcher

    By your description, sounds like the "mower plate" (a deflector), which is part of the Boot Kit. It attaches under front lip of mower housing at discharge opening (54"/60" mowers, part looks different for 48"). There are two bolt holes in lip which should correspond to the two carriage bolt holes you describe. You should have gotten 3 manuals; one each for bagger, stand kit, and boot kit.

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    Default Re: bx grass catcher

    Only certain boot kits / deck combinations use this plate. It is actually not a deflector plate, but just a mounting plate. It comes with the bagger whether you need it or not. I have one in my garage that I'm sure I will find a use for.

    You gotta love those Japanese-to-English instruction manuals!

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