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    Default B7100 4-lug front wheels needed (10x8 for turf tires)

    It's me again with my wheel & tire sourcing problems for my early B7100. I found a set of brand-new rear turf tires and wheels (29x12.5-15) pulled from a B7300 (should fit ?!?!?), and with everyone's help here, now know about the Firestone Turf & Field G2 (21x8-10). Now, I just need to get from wheels (the kubota dealer wants $87 ea. for them). Dos anyone know where I can get any used ones, even new for less? I'm trying to go low-budget (without being too cheap (as in quality), as this is for an occasional use tractor that I only paid $4600 for to begin with (with FEL). Being an early B7100 (gear drive, too), I need four-lug front wheels.

    I know 20.5x8-10 tires are a common size for trailers, so do you all think that I could just buy some trailer wheels to use? Many of these trailer tires are weight-rated about the same as the tractor tires. I primarily use this tractor for FEL work, so I do want to make sure that I have strong enough wheels and tires.

    If I can't find a better deal, then I'll just suck it up, and buy them from the Kubota dealer. At least I didn't need to pay full price for the rears.

    Thanks again,

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    Default Re: B7100 4-lug front wheels needed (10x8 for turf tires)


    This guy had a B7100 parted out, he may have the rims still. I bought the engine out of it from him. I have a set of rims with ag tires mounted but want to keep them as spares. I have a lot of spare parts too, I bought a parts tractor.


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