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    Default Kubota Alternator Rebuild (covers very many models)

    I'm adding this new thread to summarize my experience from the bearing failure in my alternator.

    Alternator Needed
    Alternator Needed

    The bearings in the alternator on my G1800S failed. A new one sells for over $200.

    I found one site that lists this as the same alternator for the following:
    B20 D950AT 20HP Diesel (90-ON)
    B20TL D950AT 20HP (90-ON)
    F2000 D950-FM 20HP Diesel (86-94)
    G1800 D662 16HP Diesel (89-95)
    G1800S D662 16HP Diesel (89-95)
    G1900 D722 18HP Diesel (89-95)
    G2000 WG750-G 21HP Gas (89-95)
    G3200 Z400 10HP Diesel (83-90)
    G4200H Z430 12HP Diesel (84-90)
    G5200H D600 14HP Diesel (84-90)
    G6200H D640 16HP Diesel (86-90)
    GF1800E D722 18HP Diesel (03-bk)
    GF1800R D722 18HP Diesel (03-bk)
    T1600H Z482 13.5HP Gas (90-95)
    KH35 D850BH 13.7HP Diesel (85-on)
    KH41 D950 17.8HP Diesel (88-on)
    KH61 D950BH 22.2HP Diesel (88-on)
    ZD18 D722 18HP Diesel (03-bk)
    ZD21 D782 21HP Diesel (03-bk)
    ZD28 D1105 28HP Diesel (03-bk)

    From Messick's website:
    Brand: Kubota
    Replaces: 15531-64012, 15531-64013, 15531-64014, 15531-64015, 15531-64016
    In Stock: No
    Stock Quantity: Available in 3-5 business days
    Price: $202.00ea.

    This Part Fits at least the following tractors.
    BX2230 BX1830 B20 B2150HSD B8200 B9200D
    B1550 B1750 B6200 B7200 G1800 G1900
    G2000 G4200 G5200 G6200 GF1800 F2000
    B7410 BX1500 BX1800 BX2200 BX22 BX23
    GR2100 B1550HST B1750HST B2150 T1600H B1550D
    B5200D B6200HST B7200HST B8200HST B9200HST G3200

    Iowa Motorparts sells bearings for this alternator for $3.95, three are needed for a whopping total of $11.85.

    IOWA Motor Parts

    The above picture is an exploding view of the alternator.

    There is a 17mm nut (160) on the end of the alternator opposite the pully. The shaft (70) of the alternator is pressed in from the pully side, through the pully, and through the bearings, and various bushings shown in the picture.

    I was able to separate the alternator by removing the not, and prying the rotor (040) off of the stator plate (110). The one bearing stayed in the plate, the rest on the rotor and shaft.

    I was able to press the bearing out of the plate with a hammer and socket, although a press would have made this easier.

    I then pressed (pounded) the shaft out of the rotor, pully, and remaining bearings by putting nut back on to protect the threads of the shaft, and then hitting it out with the pulley supported by an impact socket large enough for the bolt end of the shaft to fit loosely in. Again, a press would have helped.

    As the old story goes, "assembly is the reverse if disassembly."
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    Default Re: Kubota Alternator Rebuild (covers very many models)

    Good research and great post.
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