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    Default L3130 200 Hour Maintenance Questions

    I just bought a used L3130 and it's at the 200 hour maintenance point. I have some questions that I would like some help with:

    The operator's manual shows that I need to (among other things) change the transmission and hydraulic fluid filters. It also indicates that the HD oil needs changing at 400 hours. (The fifty hour stuff was done by the previous owner.) Am I correct in assuming that I need to carefully drain the present oil and pour it back in the tractor for another 200 hours of use after the filters are changed?

    The manual shows 4 drain plugs that need to be drained before changing the transmission and HD fluid filters. I see a large (I guess) plug with a poppet stem and a large plug further back (the tractor does not have the Mid PTO). Are these two of the four drain plugs? Where are the other two? The manual diagram is not too clear. Is there one on each side of the tractor?

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    Default Re: L3130 200 Hour Maintenance Questions

    I recently changed filters on my L3240, lost 3 quarts of fluid just swapping the filters since I wasn't careful and contaminated the fluid; fluid level on the dipstick remained between the notches so I assume it is still OK. I don't know how similar your L3130 is to mine but here is a link from Messick's that may help: Kubota L-Series Service

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    Default Re: L3130 200 Hour Maintenance Questions

    The thing with a poppet is not an oil drain. It is a water drain for the clutch housing so it doesn't rust.

    There are probably 2 engine oil plugs. and 2 transmission plugs. The sump for hydraulic fluid is the transmission. Most people just try and spin off / spin on and spill as little as possible. I changed the oil. at 200 and 400


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    Default Re: L3130 200 Hour Maintenance Questions

    If your 3130 is like my 3830 the other two plugs are on the inside of each of the rear wheel housings. They are smaller plugs than the main one under the transmission. If you remove them be careful as mine had a metal washer to insure no leaks occur when you place them back. I went ahead and replaced the SUDT completely at 200hrs, though it added over $200 to the cost of the maintence. kubota doesn't say you need to - they show 50hrs and 400hrs for my tractor. I figured it wouldn't hurt to replace it early.
    - Mike

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