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    Default Kubota M6800

    I have a 2001 M6800 4wd and plan on changing all the fluids this weekend but I have lost my owners manual and really not interested in buying a new one. I have a few questions: 1. How many gallons of hydraulic fluid does this tractor hold? 2. How much oil will it hold and what is the recommended weight? 3. What type/weight oil is in the front axle with the 4wd.?

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    Default Re: Kubota M6800

    There's a spec page here that shows trans and engine capacities. If your front axle is dry (no leaks) then drain it into a clean bucket and put the same amount of new oil back in.

    Lots of opinions out there about which oil to use. At a minimum, engine oil should be name brand 15w-40 diesel-rated. Transmission oil (hydr fluid) can be from Agway (cheapest), up to Kubota-brand SUDT. Front axle takes 70w-90 gear lube.

    Your tractor is worth maybe 20k - maybe good to spring a few bucks for an owners manual ? Just a thought.
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