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    Default FEL woes

    What has anyone done to make your FEL raise and curl at the same time? Neither my L3830 nor my M-5040 will do this. My dealer said that he set the FEL pressures to factory specs. JD's 4320 will do it right off the lot because I just tested one about an hour ago.
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    Default Re: FEL woes

    This really suprises me. I recently purchased a b2620 which is a lot smaller than the models you mention and mine also does this right off the lot. Actually when I was at the kubota dealer test driving the couple of models I was interested in the salesperson actually showed me this as a nice feature to have.
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    Default Re: FEL woes

    Without going out and starting my machine, my recollection is this:

    The little sticker indicating permissible actions with the loader stick, the only "blank" in the eight different directions you can push the lever (N-S-E-W, and the 4 combinations of the cardinal motions, NE-NW-SE-SW) is the "SW" motion indicative of raising and curling the bucket simultaneously.

    I believe I can perform the task, however, under a "no load" condition. The bucket will curl and the loader booms will raise simultaneously UNTIL the bucket reaches the "full curl" position. At that point, the hydraulic circuit is open and the loader booms stop rising. If I release the curl circuit (slide the stick from the SW position to the S position), the loader booms will resume raising.

    If the bucket is curled under load at the same time the booms are asked to raise, the same thing will happen. FAR more strength in choosing EITHER curl or raise. Doing both simultaneously IS POSSIBLE on even the BX, just not under much of a load.

    I think you'd have to have some type of seperated systems that is not common in "normal" machines to have full strength in this particular FEL action.
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