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    Default Correct snowblower for bx2350

    I found a good condition used snowblower that is listed as a bx2750...the owner advised he used it for a bx2230 which, i believe, preceeded the bx2350....
    kubota lists the bx2350 as requiring the 2750c.....

    owner is selling for 1500$. Good deal?

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    Default Re: Correct snowblower for bx2350

    If it comes with the quick hitch & PTO drive, and assuming it will fit your tractor that is a pretty decent price.
    I was quoted just over $3,000 for the BX2750C from the dealer for my BX2350.
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    Default Re: Correct snowblower for bx2350


    I would say that's a good price. There isn't a lot that can go wrong and they all get scraped up when used, so even if it's not perfect cosmetically, you can fix that. You won't find one for that price new....and new blowers are in short supply apparently.

    I have a BX2750 and my neighbor just bought a BX2750D for his kubota. His blower mounts differently to his larger tractor (B2620), but the blower housing, measurements, and mechanisms are all identical. The D model has some minor improvements that I wish mine had.....for instance, the shear plates for the fan are easier to get at if a pin were to shear. I think the letter at the end of the model number just signifies the latest updated model of the time? I expect that the quick mount to fit your tractor would hang off the front frame, like mine (I have a BX1800.)

    I would only suggest if you pick up the unit, that you take it apart and make sure all the nuts and bolts are tightened....they tend to come loose and could cause a headache if the wrong one lets go. Grease, oil, tighten everything and you'll be very happy with the unit. Dyer, retired

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    Default Re: Correct snowblower for bx2350


    I have a bx2350 and purchased a b2781 (51") rear snowblower as recommended from the dealer. I suspect there are many models of blower that will work fine. The few requirements that I can think of for a rear snowblower are:

    - category 1 3 point hitch
    - compatible pto (SAE 1-3/8, 6 splines, owners manual pg 2) make sure length is short enough to still fit when blower is raised (don't ask me how I know ;-), they can be cut
    - implement weight (looks like kubota thinks 300-350lbs is max see owners manual pg 5) seems understated to me
    - width must be wider than rear wheels
    - if hydraulic shute control, must have compatible connectors/controller

    I'm sure others will have ideas to add. Go for it guys. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Correct snowblower for bx2350

    The only issue you should face is how to mount your support for manual chute rotation (assuming the 2750 does not have electric or hydraulic included).

    Newer models include a small bracket that mounts to your hydraulic controller stick. This is not a very impressive arrangement- functional- barely.

    I opted for electric rotation on my 2750D and my older 2750 on my BX2200 had a solid bracket mounted to the controller post

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