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    Default B7100 Brake job

    This past fall I was building a rock retaining wall at the bottom of my rather steep driveway. Lots of trips down the hill hauling rocks in the FEL. Obviously this meant applying the brakes many times. Near the end of the job I was getting a grinding sound when I applied the brakes. It was coming from the right side of the tractor. Correctly I guessed the brake shoes had worn down. I ordered some new shoes for that side of the tractor. I nearly fainted when I was told the price, $120.00 for one set of shoes that were so small they looked like they belonged on a motor scooter. I disassembled the tractor and set about to change the shoes. When I pulled the old shoes out I was surprised to find that only the lower corner on the more forward shoe had any wear on it. The over simplified design puts most all the pressure on this spot. As both shoes are identical I only installed one new brake shoe in the forward position. I will save the other shoe for the other side of the tractor. Here is my suggestion to you. The next time you have the rear wheel off you B7100 or any of the other related models (B7001, B6100, B600 etc) take about about an hour and disassemble the brakes on your tractor. Change the shoes front for back and turn them up for down. This will give you a totally unworn brake shoe surface to do the stopping. I believe I could have done this even with the worn shoe that I did replace. It was a very easy job. Remove wheel. remove fender, disconnect brake rod, unbolt brake assembly. Work one hour and save yourself $120.00.

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    Default Re: B7100 Brake job

    Thanks for the info. I will check mine out next summer.
    While this would not be advisable on a car, I can't think of any reason that I would not do this on my tractor. My terrain is very flat.

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    Save your old shoes and have them relined. Here in Evansville, IN, Brake Supply will reline shoes at a fraction of what you paid for your new shoes.

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