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    Default BX2200 Floor Board Rattle

    I have a BX2200 with about 60 hours on it. I have run into a problem with floor board rattle. It seems to rattle the most when I am off of the tractor without my foot weight bearing on the floor while the tractor is in an idle. When I am on the tractor with weight on the floor the rattle stops.

    Has anybody had this problem and what was your fix. Thanks

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    Default Re: BX2200 Floor Board Rattle

    Found the rattle sound. There was a metal to metal contact point where the floor board beared on the frame rail just below the mower adjustment knob. There is a rubber cushion that was mis-positioned by the factory which allowed the metal to metal contact. I fixed the noise by prying up the floor board away from the frame rail and inserted a makeshift pad made from rolled up electrical tape.

    All in all an easy fix.

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