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    Default Kubota ZD25F Wiring Diagram

    I am in need of a wiring diagram for the kubota ZD25F zero turn mower. For some reason it will not start by the key. All lights and heater will work when key is on, the unit will start when jumped at the starter selonide and all safety switches appears to be working when you disengage any one of the four you can hear a click back on the engine. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Kubota ZD25F Wiring Diagram

    The first thing I do when something like this happens is to move every lever multiple times that have switches on them. Don't forget to look at the switches being in the right location!!! Just had one with a loose screw.

    Then I start checking the wiring for power.

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    Default Re: Kubota ZD25F Wiring Diagram

    Thanks have done that, also when you move a lever or get off the seat can hear a selonide on what I assume the injector pump "click". Guess I will remove the key switch this weekend and try to track down the problem. It's hard to believe can't Google up a wiring diagram. O well if it was easy every body would won't to own one of these>

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    Default Re: Kubota ZD25F Wiring Diagram

    I think they're kind of touchy when it comes to the starter switches. 2 years ago I pulled my ZG20 into the shed when I was done. I parked it in its spot, and then shut the ignition off, removing the key. Imagine my surprise, when I depressed the brake to lock it, the engine started back up!!! (It shut back off when I let up on the pedal.) I started it back up with the key, and noticed that when I pushed the brake pedal, and I could hear the starter turning over. I talked to the service manager at my local dealer, he said he had heard of the brake doing weird things since it's tied into the safety interlocks. Told me to try spaying WD40 around the brake pedal linkage. Did that, and haven't had it happen since. Anyway, the moral of the story is did you try asking at your dealer? Maybe they know something, or maybe they have the diagram you're looking for.

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess I will visit the dealer some time soon and see what I can find out. Quiet a lot of wiring for a diesel engine and would guess most of it is for safety really confusing when you tray to trace it all down. I assume the the wiring diagram is probably in a service manual and must be copy witted is the reason can't be found on the net.

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