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    Default Fuel Tank Repair

    I have developed a small fuel leak from the plastic tank of my B7100. I haven't had a chance to check it to the cause but was looking for direction on what would be a good product to repair it with, I expect to find a small hole or seam leak, I was thinking a two part epoxy ... I have checked into a new tank but see it listed on one site as discontinued and then available on another, so I'm unsure about the availability now till I get a chance to call about it. Thanks for any help.

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    Default Re: Fuel Tank Repair

    The plastic is most propably PVC and epoxy will not adhere to it.

    I repair plasic (PVC) by using a hod glue gun with the melt sticks as that is the same material and fuses the joint.
    Another fix is poly urathane caulking as used in caulking guns or even automotive widshield adhesive, also sold in caulking gun tubes form.
    All are gas/fuel proof flexible materials.

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    Default Re: Fuel Tank Repair

    A couple of years back a tire chain broke while my son was mowing. Instead of putting a monkey link on it asap according to SOP he drove on until it wore a hole in the gas tank.

    I used 'marine teck' 2 part epoxy on the hole and it's held up after years of use. We get it at a boating store and have used it to repair holes on pontoons.

    Good idea about finding out what cause the leak and locking that down too...of course if it's the seam there's not much to do.
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    Default Re: Fuel Tank Repair

    I think they sell special repair kits for plastic fuel tanks.

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