Hello folks. I am new here, and am looking for any info on where to locate a starter solenoid for my kubota L200. It has been discontinued, so I am looking at used parts. My local starter shop said they have had no luck rewinding solenoids(I don't know why they can't). I opened it up to file the burned contact points, and when I put it together, it moved when I hooked voltage to it, but when I installed the return spring, it does't have the guts to pull it back again with the spring tension on it. I have tried the gear reduction starters out there that are supposed to fit. They don't. The reduction housing is too big and hits the block, so it won't bolt on. I like my tractor, (except for no live pto) and really want to keep it going. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The starter has been rebuilt in the past, and spins fine. Nippondenso 0028000-0971.
Thanks guys