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    Default B2150 Fluid Leak around steering column

    Hi, I have a B2150HST which has a fluid leak around the steering column. I followed the instructions in the following thread to replace the oil seal and the bushing near the top of the steering column. All seemed well but within a couple of hours of operation the leak reappeared and is much worse than it was before. I assumed I had not seated the seal properly...but after dismantling again, it was still in place. That is when I noticed some severe wear in a ring around the steering shaft where the seal makes contact. Evidentally over time either contaminants in the hydraulic fluid or a previously failed seal had worn it down. So after cleaning the gunk out and putting a new seal in...there is a gap between the column and the seal. I tried to use some permatex to "enhance" my seal...and this held for about 5 hours of operation.

    So my now question is this. Should I:

    A. Shell out $450 for a new shaft (at 5 LBs this thing is worth its weight in silver)
    B. Try to use JBweld or some other metal filler to fill in the groove and make the shaft have good contact with the seal again.
    C. Other suggestions?

    Is there a chance I can be successful with B?

    Thanks for any and all advice....I guess Option D. is stock up on Hydraulic Fluid

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    Default Re: B2150 Fluid Leak around steering column

    Before I'd spend big money on a new shaft,I'd see if a redi-sleeve/speedy-sleeve is available in your shaft diameter.Check with your local auto parts supplier.The speedy-sleeve is a very thin round metal ring that fits around the worn shaft,thereby renewing the seal wear surface.The sleeve is usually slid or driven on and loctited in place.Typical applications are truck driveshaft yokes and harmonic balancers.Measure your shaft diameter and call.Good Luck.

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    Default Re: B2150 Fluid Leak around steering column

    I am finally getting around to working on this (I sure hope it doesn't snow while my tractor is down)

    I got the steering dissassembled, have a shaft diameter measurement and have been looking at pictures of "redi-sleeves" (e.g. National Oil Seals 99125 Redi-Sleeve: Automotive ) They appear to have a lip on them, presumably so they can be pressed onto the shaft. Does this lip get ground off after pressing them on?

    The reason I ask is that the seal in this case is fitted in a collar with a bearing and held in place with a snap ring. This assembled collar then fits over the shaft as one piece. If the lip is still on the redi-sleeve, I believe the bearing will hit the lip and want to push the sleeve down the shaft.

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