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    Default B7100 HST-E squeal transmission startup


    First - awesome website. I spent the better part of 4 hours searching and reading years of great info!

    Down to my problem - B7100HST-E (older version) - I'd just finished hosing the tractor down (rear/3pt area) after 2 hours of grass cutting. Water had pooled on the slasher blade mount, so started her up (in neutral) and engaged the PTO to spin the blades and shake the water off.

    Immediately there was loud noise from the transmission. Like something had popped - not a banging metal sound. More of a 'pop'. I quickly pressed the clutch back down. The engine was still running, drive gear in neutral, and RPMs in the mid RPM range (no gauge, based on engine revs). I disengaged the PTO and slowly released the clutch. There was a great big squealing sound coming from the transmission box. Metal rubbing on metal sound.

    I stopped the tractor, made sure the brakes were off, all gears dissengaged and very much in neutral, then started her back up. The squeal started as soon as the clutch released.

    Took the transmission housing off and reluctantly fired her back up. Both the propellor/transmission entry shaft were spinning fine. Checked the tran fluid and it was above the notch on the dip stick. The drive gear stick was almost impossible to engage both Hi/Lo, while the PTO gear stick would engage (but not spin at the output).

    I'm guessing the RPMs were too low when the PTO engaged and it hosed the tranmission in some way? I'm not familiar with the internals - what sort of damage would this cause? Could something have slipped? popped off? release valve stuck? Or does this sound like a snapped shaft? Is there an easy way to access this area?

    I found the parts manual and that was a good start. Does anyone know where I can download the service manual, or at least the tranny pages?

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Default Re: B7100 HST-E squeal transmission startup

    Here is one place where you can get service manuals for your tractor.

    Kubota Kubota B7100HST Service, Repair & Owners Operators Manual Shop

    Good luck - sorry I don't have any ideas what could be wrong.

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    Default Re: B7100 HST-E squeal transmission startup

    with a floor jack, 2 stands and basic socket set (metric) i split the tractor at the transmission instead of the clutch housing.

    the threads on the transmission shaft had been stripped by the propellor shaft coupling. by the looks of the coupling, the saftey bolt had sheared off a long time ago. the damage to the threads was shiny suggesting it happened recently, and the type of damage matches up with what likely caused it - engaging PTO at potentially low RPMs.

    splitting the tractor at the transmission was fairly simple (just dont forget the mud guards ), with the only caveat being the foot pedal rod into the HST. getting the cotter pin out/back in will take some patience. all else is a no-brainer.

    rather than dig further, i'll replace the saftey bolt, reassemble, replace the oil and see how she goes.

    i'll be continuing this post over here:


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