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    Default Kubota L35 doesn't turn over

    I replaced some Hydro lines, and then drove the tractor up to my driveway. I noticed the gear selector was hard to move/shift. I added hydro/tran fluid, due to loosing fluid during the Hydro lines change, and tried to start and it will not turn over. Forward/reverse selector is in neutral. I forced the gear selector to neutral. Still no help. Didn't expect this problem.

    I will check the battery is fully charged. But I am suspecting their is an electronic defeat going on here? And somehow the loss of fluid is part of the problem?

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Kubota L35 doesn't turn over

    have you checked the seat safety switch, and the pto safety switch?

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    Default Re: Kubota L35 doesn't turn over

    There is no seat safety on the L35, well the one I have, I think, 1993 or there abouts. The PTO is in the off position, which is the default position for start, I would think.

    I never had this problem before. I guess I'll check the battery, see if that is part of the problem.

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    Default Re: Kubota L35 doesn't turn over

    I figured out the problem. The PTO wires had been damaged by mice. It created an open in the starting circuit. Seems the PTO and FWD/RVRS selector have a switch that disables the starter.

    I spliced the wires, and now park the tractor in a different location to help prevent mice running all over the tractor.

    The gear selector, well now that is another problem completely, new thread to follow.

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