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    I have looked through most of the post for kubota but no one has asked about the Kubota grass catcher. I have owned a B7200 HST for years. I am now working on buying a B7500 HES with a 60"mmm , fel and lawn sweeper. The dealer does not have much info about the Grass catcher .So I thought that I would ask the expert here about them. Do they work well and how are the attached.
    Thank you

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    I gave you some incorrect info on that last pm. When the mid pto on the B7500 is engaged for a mower the rear pto is running at 960 rpm. It is not possible to run the mid pto and also have the rear pto running at 540 rpm. I think during discussions here I was told that the BX does not have this limitation.


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    I have the grass catcher on a B2910. There is good and bad.

    The good part is the blower motor that mounts on the mower deck, it works good and is easily mounted and removed.

    The bad part is the rear bagger attchment. It mounts something like its out of Rube Goldberg's nightmare.

    The catcher is designed for a BX tracter and has modifactions to fit my tractor.

    I mainly got mine for picking up leaves in the fall of the year.
    If the leaves are dry and its between 1 and 3 o'clock it works great. As for grass no complaints.

    If I were doing it over again, I think I would get an after market attachment. Just my 2 cents.


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